Intralinks Competitors and Alternatives

Data Rooms are based on a model of remote access to applications and computing resources, which the organization uses to the extent required to solve business problems. In this article, we are going to consider Intralinks competitors and their functionality in general.

Intralinks Data Room: how does it work?

Cloud-based solutions for corporate clients are a set of IT services focused on the implementation of tasks of any complexity, covering a wide variety of business areas. Taking into account the ever-growing volume of electronic business data and its importance, many enterprises need to keep it up to date. To do this, companies are implementing storage and data recovery systems that guarantee stable operation in the event of a forced shutdown of the main system. One of such systems is Intralinks Data Room software.

Intralinks Data Room is a virtual space for sharing documents, most often of a legal or financial nature, among the parties to a transaction who are accessing it remotely from diverse locations. It is a full-packed digital platform that performs the following functions:

  • integration of technologies for the preparation of all types of electronic documents into a single process;
  • replacement of the paper flow of documents by moving electronic documents along specified routes on the local network;
  • automation of the process of passing documents both inside the organization and outside it;
  • creating a procedure for passing documents following current regulations and standards of the organization;
  • automation of administrative and managerial functions (formation and provision of instructions, instructions, control over their implementation);
  • organization and control of staff work, accounting, and planning of working time in one collaborative environment;
  • providing prompt exchange on the local network of official documents (memos, letters, applications, regulatory materials, etc.) to organize the interaction of staff, individual departments of the enterprise;

What criteria influence Intralinks cost?

Sometimes it is very difficult to navigate the Data Room provider market. Using the search engine, you can get an impressive list of service providers with similar profiles. So, the most well-known Intralinks competitors and at the same time alternatives are:

  • iDeals
  • Ansarada
  • Drooms
  • Digify
  • SecureDocs

So, there are the following criteria that determine the Data Room price, and will help you to compare different vendors:

  • Data management. The main task of the Data Room document management system is to organize the rational movement, processing, and storage of electronic documents, organizing their search for both attributes and content. Intralinks ensure the formation and accumulation of a database or archives of electronic documents of any type with the ability to multicriteria search for both the content of documents and complex logical conditions.
  • Intralinks Data Room also offers advanced data theft and DDoS protection to ensure uninterrupted operation. The platform complies with the information security requirements for personal data information systems of the first security level. Intralinks currently protects data according to the 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES), with multi-layer key management, which is more than adequate. However, in a typically hosted environment, the encryption keys are held and managed by the service provider, not the customer.
  • Cost-saving. The indisputable advantage of cloud solutions is the ability to create terminals for accessing the cloud using existing computers, without the cost of re-equipment. It becomes impractical to maintain server rooms, constantly maintain and update equipment, as well as pay for premises and additional electricity. You can expand and strengthen your business without physically expanding it, without overpaying for rent, and without purchasing new equipment.
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