3 Best Virtual Board Portal Software and Management Tools

Most remote team communications are now organized through non-verbal means such as video rather than audio recordings. In this article, we will discuss what boardroom software is in business and how to choose the best online meeting management software.

Board software: why the board should drive digitization?

The main trend, which largely determines the functioning of the new economy, is digitalization (digitization of everything and the creation of platforms accompanying this process), which leads to a radical breakdown of the usual business models. For digital transformation to bring about the desired results, there is a need for a well-established interaction between shareholders, board members, executives, managers, and ordinary employees. Today, with major business trends constantly changing, strategy formulation and execution must occur in parallel – ideally as a continuous cycle based on a feedback loop. Planning a transformation that “undermines” business requires studying innovative business models and finding new sources of income. For this purpose, companies set up a virtual board portal solution that moves most of the routine processes into the cloud. Companies can save money as they do not need to organize their security infrastructure.

The board software is the best application for managers who want to hide certain information and files from some employees and provide selective access to them. It offers comprehensive tools for effective project management, maximizing the potential to achieve the best results. The software allows teams to collaborate on projects in real-time and see what other users are doing on screen at the same time as you. It also offers beautiful diagrams, mind maps, and whiteboard templates to help structure your thoughts, ideas, designs, layouts, and the entire project development process. The card can exchange comments with other users, attach participants, and use a checklist. The service lets you quickly evaluate progress on all significant processes simultaneously, in real-time, and on one screen.

The top 3 board portal solutions in the market

Reviewing various board portal vendors and customers` feedback on many websites, we have determined the top 3 boardroom solutions here:

  • OnBoard

It is designed to streamline your boards, committees, and governance bodies. This secure SaaS solution is available worldwide and 24/7. The platform enables the executives to increase efficiency and productivity and facilitate decision-making processes in their committees, allowing them to reduce company risk. The software strives to provide the best experience. That’s why every board member can take advantage of our 24/7 multi-language support and has access to unlimited training with our Customer Success Team.

  • Boardmaps

This solution meets the productivity, efficiency, security, and compliance needs of boards of directors. Users benefit from a secure platform that, with its ISO 27001 certification, meets the highest international information security standards. The service is available as SaaS and enables location-independent session management.

  • Nasdaq

It is a well-protected virtual workspace for collegial bodies. Due to the collaborative, user-friendly, and protected working environment, you always have an overview of your sensitive and confidential data. You decide who gets access. In addition, the portal offers you the opportunity to carry out a self-evaluation of the board of directors and to carry out surveys. You can reinvent your governance models and prove the effectiveness of your practices thanks to the KPIs that can be analyzed through the platform.

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