3 Reasons why you don’t need a Linkedin Summary Generator

If you’re in business and hoping to generate leads through LinkedIn. A Linkedin Summary generator is the last thing you should be using.

This article is going to highlight 3 reasons why using a Linkedin Summary Generator is not a good idea.  As well as giving some tips on what to do instead.


1. You know your ideal client best

No Linkedin summary generator is going to nail your ideal client like you can. There are certain things which they need to know to take action and to reach out to you. To get this information, you need to be able to answer a very specific set of questions.

Not only that, you need to speak to them in a certain way.  You may already know how to speak to them or it may require some research.  But whichever it is, a Linkedin Summary Generator isn’t going to be able to do that for you.

Get clear on your ideal client. Tell them what you can do for them and you will be well on your way to landing clients through Linkedin.

2. It can’t tell your ideal clients why they should choose you

An important part of your Linkedin bio summary is saying why you’re different. Ensuring potential clients know why they should work with you over your competitors.  To help them do this, you need to tell them why you’re unique and what you stand for.

This helps to strengthen your message and show your ideal clients that you’re right for them.  Sure, it may also put some people off. But they’re not your ideal client which means this will save you hassle in the long run.

A Linkedin Summary Generator knows nothing about you or your business. There’s no way it can nail your message the way you can.

3. A Linkedin Summary Generator is not Human

A big part of Linkedin lead generation is your sales message.  But coinciding with this is the human element. Using your back story to help potential clients connect with you.  Showing them that you’re not just a soulless entity which is out to snatch their cash.  But you’re someone who genuinely wants to help and has the expertise to do so.

There’s no way a Linkedin Summary Generator is going to be able to pick out the right parts of your story.  The canned words it produces are someone elses. And worse than that, there are many other people who will have used the same generator and have the same words as you. Imagine how you’d look.  Someone reads a profile which had used the same Linkedin Summary Generator as you.  Then they get to your profile to find the same spiel! Ok, it’s a long shot.  But still…


So what should I do for a great Linkedin Bio Summary?

Well for starters, you can download our free guide: DO YOU MAKE THESE 5 MISTAKES ON LINKEDIN?

This will help you to understand the things you might be doing wrong.  But, it will also give you some tips on getting your sales message on point. Building a solid foundation from which to build your Linkedin lead generate strategy.

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