How to write a Linkedin Summary for Business

If you’re on Linkedin to attract leads then your summary is one of the greatest tools at your disposal.

Yet so many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t know how to write a Linkedin summary. Or they have one which is unfit for purpose.

This article will set you on your way to achieving a summary worthy of your ideal client’s attention.


When thinking about how to write a Linkedin summary, you first need to consider who it’s for...

If your first reaction to this statement was, “It’s for me!” Then you’ve come to the right place. You see, your bio summary isn’t for you. It’s for your ideal client. It shouldn’t even be about you, per se. Think of it as what, ‘about you’ matters to them.

So many people see their bio summary as a place to lay out their life journey. But that’s not what people need to hear to take action. Save this stuff for your dating profile. But even then, if you want to get a date you’ll need to tell people what’s in it for them!

Don’t drone on!

People are busy. Even more so if you’re looking to sell B2B. You need to be clear, concise and straight to the point when thinking about how to write a Linkedin summary. Potential clients don’t have the time to sieve through a load of filler to get to what they need to know. It’s either right in front of them and easy to read or they’ll go and find a bio summary which is.

Should I keep it short when thinking about how to write a Linkedin summary?

Not at all. You’ll likely need to condense what you have to fit within the character count. If not then it’s a fair assumption to say you have something missing. When we write bio summaries for our clients, a major part of the work is deciding what to leave out.

A great Linkedin bio summary generally uses the entire character count. Transitioning from one section to the next. Each building on your sales message. Until your ideal client is ready to get in touch.

Be careful what you read

The majority of the articles on how to to write a Linkedin bio summary aim at professionals. But if you’re hoping to attract leads then you don’t need a resumé. Think of it more like a sales page, but with a personal touch. You’re taking your reader on a logical journey. Showing what you can do for them and why they should want to work with you.


Don’t make these mistakes…

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